Katie's Garden was initially born in October 2013 when I entered a business competition on a complete whim!

We were merely a dream back then, that has evolved into our real life fairytale you see before you today.

The name Katie's Garden was inspired by 2 very important people...

My beautiful girl Katie, who was named after the other person, my mother Kathryn.

We seemed to arrive at the right time & place out of no where and suddenly we realised that it was now or never, so we bravely took a gamble and have never looked back since!

Together my mum & I  wanted to create a space where people from all backgrounds, abilities and walks of life could be taught, learn and most importantly have fun creating & buying beautiful modern vintage things.

With a lot of hard work and help from our amazing family & friends, as well as the all important £££ from my lovely husband to be, we are so proud to have built what you see before you today.....

Enjoy, have fun & be happy

Love R & K

We're now a reservation only store! Book your table now by contacting us direct.

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